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Covid is the Grinch of this U-Cut Christmas tree season

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

You’re a mean one Covid 19, but you aren’t going to steal the Christmas joy from the Ivory Farms U-Cut season. Here are some things we are asking from you or are doing on the farm to prevent Covid 19 from robbing us of our Christmas traditions.

Covid Precautions

  • Please do not come to the farm if you are sick.

  • Bring and wear a mask when on wagons & where social distancing is difficult.

  • Wagon ride loads will be smaller and rides shorter.

  • Cocoa shack will be closed.

  • No cocoa or cookies this year unfortunately.

  • Sanitizer will be available for customer use.

  • Call Pete at 810-992-3065 at least 24hr in advance if you want a pre-cut tree instead of picking one yourself.

  • No pets please.

Here is some additional information:

Our Hours

We’re open 10a-4p

Fri., Nov. 27

Sat., Nov 28 & Sun., Nov 29

Sat., Dec. 5 & Sun., Dec. 6

Sat., Dec.12 & Sun., Dec. 13


$60 all trees + $5 for shake & wrap

Cash only.

Despite Covid, this 2020 Christmas will be as merry as any other just like the Christmas in Whoville:

“He hadn’t stopped Christmas from coming! IT CAME! Somehow or other it came just the same! And the Grinch with his Grinch feet ice-cold in the snow stood puzzling and puzzling how could it be so?”

Stay safe & healthy and see you in a few weeks,

Joyce & Pete Ivory

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