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  • When does the u-pick chestnut season begin?
    Every year is different, but start checking facebook or call Pete around mid-September. Chestnuts start falling the end of September to mid October. It’s a very short season, so keep in touch!
  • Do I have to make an appointmet before I arrive at Ivory Farms?
    An appointment is only required for U-Pick Chestnuts. To set up an appointed time, contact us using the information found in the Contact Us tab.
  • Is there a wagon ride to the tree patch?
    Yes. Look forward to a scenic wagon ride through the chestnut orchard as we take you back to the parking area.
  • How large is the chestnut orchard?
    Ivory Farms has 1600 chestnut trees over 25 acres.
  • What varieties of chestnuts do you grow?
    Here at Ivory Farms, we grow European and Chinese varieties of chestnuts.
  • Should I bring a bag or pail to carry my chestnuts?
    No. We provide pails in which to pick and grocery type bags to bring your chestnuts home.
  • Should I bring anything with me to pick chestnuts?
    Besides a smile and a spirit of adventure, we suggest a pair of closed shoes or boots, and a pair of gloves. The burs, in which the chestnuts grow, are VERY sharp. To avoid pokes to hands or toes, bring gloves and don’t wear sandals.
  • Do you still have a U-Cut Christmas tree season?
    No. Our last U-cut Christmas tree season was winter of 2021.
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